The Rise of 360° Virtual Tours in Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

Virtual 360 tours are beneficial in so many ways that it’s hard to not notice them becoming an industry standard as of late.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, architect, or developer, virtual tours will provide your business with far more exposure and opportunities than traditional photography ever could.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the top benefits virtual tours bring to the manufacturing industry and how they can affect your business if you choose to implement them into your marketing strategy.

Your manufacturing facility can be one of your biggest assets in showing new clients around and showcasing the amazing work that you do there, but it can be difficult to show off your work in person to everyone who comes to visit. That’s where virtual tours come in handy!

1) They're Realistic

Most people don't know what to expect when they walk into a manufacturing plant. It can be difficult to visualize all of the equipment and tools that workers use, or how things come together to form the finished product.

As production becomes more specialized in many industries, it is important for prospective customers to be able to see what goes on in these environments.

By providing virtual tours of your facilities, you give clients an idea of what to expect as well as any specific features you may want them to know about.

Lighting is also an important factor with tours; you need to ensure that your images are clear and show every detail necessary so potential buyers will understand your facility well.

2) They're Immersive

Virtual tours create a more immersive experience for people to explore your business. With virtual tours, people can see your workspace as if they were there in person.

This level of detail is something that would be difficult to convey with traditional photos or videos. People feel like they can get a more accurate representation of what it would be like to visit your business when they have the opportunity to explore on their own terms.

3) They're Interactive

Virtual tours have become a staple in the manufacturing industry because they allow buyers to interact with and inspect products before purchasing them.

These 360-degree views can be accessed from anywhere, which makes it easy for customers who live far away to view products that they may want to purchase.

Another benefit of virtual tours is that they don't require any physical labor or cost on behalf of the manufacturer.

4) They're Informative

Virtual 360 tours can be a valuable and cost-effective tool for manufacturers. Not only do they allow visitors to experience their facilities in unprecedented detail, but they also provide them with a platform to showcase their products and production processes.

A virtual tour is also an excellent way to promote and market your company, particularly when you're looking to attract new clients or partners. The benefits of virtual tours for manufacturers are many and varied, but there's one thing that's certain: this technology is here to stay.

5) They're Engaging

Virtual tours offer a high-quality, interactive experience for customers. They allow you to walk around and explore a product from every angle. You can zoom in on specific features or get a 360-degree view of it from all sides.

Virtual tours give you an immersive look at products before they're even delivered! With our suite of photorealistic 3D models and animation software, we create a visual representation that is accurate down to the most minute detail.

With this new technology, your customers will be able to envision what their purchase looks like before it's shipped out. It's also easier than ever for people to take virtual tours - simply visit your website or download an app on their phone!

6) They’re Cost Effective

Virtual 360-degree tours are a cost-effective way to showcase your manufacturing facility to future customers. With some equipment costing upwards of $1 million, it is important to consider all aspects of your marketing strategy.

A virtual tour gives customers an accurate depiction of what they can expect when visiting your company. The possibilities for exposure grow exponentially with this type of technology, and you will be able to reach more people than ever before with just one click!

7) Virtual Onsite Training

Virtual training can come in many forms, but one of the most powerful and cost-effective is through a virtual tour. You see, by using VR, you're able to place employees inside a 3D environment that's been created for their training.

For example, let's say your company manufactures metal casings. You could take an engineer and have them walk through your production line while they learn all about what goes on behind the scenes.

And because it's all done virtually, they don't need to be in attendance at the plant. They'll be with us wherever they want - at home, at work, or even on vacation!


The manufacturing industry is steadily adopting virtual tours as an advertising and sales tool that's more affordable, accessible, and better than any other form of traditional advertising.

One reason why this technology has been so successful in the manufacturing industry is that it lets you get a full 360° view of the product without actually having to visit a store or production facility.

Virtual tour viewers can look all around your location, zoom in on different parts of your products and even navigate through your inventory using just their mouse!

Another huge benefit is how quickly you can update your tour- new products or renovations will be seen by all customers who were previously given a virtual tour!

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